In the American creed, the people talk about their backgrounds and how they worked and currently work in america and how it shaped them into how they think and dictate what their values are.How they were brought up and raised as children to adults

My family came to america in the 90s from Portugal for the better job opportunities, primarily my grandfather on my moms side. It was just him and he came to america to start a business. the rest of my family came to america after because they wanted to support my grandfather and the wanted a new opportunity to get a better life for the family. My family consisted of my grandma and grandpa with their children ,being the oldest out of 3 children , my mother , my aunt and my uncle being the youngest needing to go to middle and high school when we all got to america. My mom was pregnant with me at the time of coming to america. everyone got jobs right away except for my uncle who was the first of my family to go to college in america. Now I'm at my junior year of high school and i do plan on going to college. So I am very influenced by america because I am the first of my family to be born in america and we brought our Portuguese culture with us and I do still visit Portugal from time to time. The main difference with me and my family is that i was born and raised in America and my mom, even though she was Portuguese, adopted a lot of american things into her life more than anyone else in my family besides maybe my uncle because he had to go do the rest of his education here, I regard myself as more american than Portuguese because my whole life has been in america and being surrounded by they american people, the people who came here along time ago or who just got here to start a new better life. When I go to school and I sit in class I see all different cultures and backgrounds and ways of life, united into one. One of the best things about america is that the culture of it is just a large culmination of other cultures and creeds, difference and individuality are what this country is made of. A real sense of freedom unlike in any other country. The ability for people of different backgrounds and different walks of life, to come together and have the freedom to work together and make progress in any way they want is a truly great thing. The ability to come here with nothing, and work your way up to success is amazing.




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