American creed

In the movie American creed, the question that is asked how does your families and the community history connect to your american creed? My parents didn't really struggle in america, but in Nigeria people still have the struggle to go get that american dream.

By jonathan E. from Union Public Library in New Jersey

My generation strive for success, for freedom, and for education. In Nigeria it really hard to get a visa card to plane travel. if you wanted to travel across the world you needed to get a visa card, if not they would go on a boat which cost a lot for. Nigeria is a poor and OK country that tries to make people enjoy their stay. But the government their is lacking to keep anything attached. In the movie American creed, their is a connect between the people who struggle in america and the people who struggle in Nigeria. My family told me that if you want to visit there you would need a passport, visa card, and transfer cash. even though i talk about visa cards a lot it is because it is a easy way to get to your destination. when i was small i was so attached to america that i do not want to go anywhere else. but the education in Nigeria made me want help the kid who are struggling there.The education in Nigeria is more advanced than the original basic learning in america. Like i said for education our parents want us to obtain a good life. In that moment i thought that my parents wanted to force knowledge on me but no they were prepare me for my future. They didn't want me to fail they wanted me to create a new future for myself. even though america is a better and more safe environment i would rather be in Nigeria so that i have something to save.

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