I wrote a poem about diverse Americans' understanding of the American creed. My poem expresses the unity that has been formed between immigrants and American citizens. It also shows that immigrants can come from humble beginnings and still become something great, as long as they

This country

Our country

The melting pot of the world

A place where several cultures can come together 

And live together

In unison

In peace

New ideas can be spread through cultures

Which can help push our nation forward

These people of other cultures

Came here 

Seeking a new life

A life with new hope ahead

They came



The land of opportunity

This is still true of our nation today

It still is 

Filled with opportunity 

For anyone


Who is willing to put forth the hard work

That's what our nation is all about

Hard work

No matter where you're from

No matter where you're going 

Hard work will get you where you want to be

No matter your race 

Or age

We are all 


And we all have American creed




7th Grade American History wannabes

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