what is your fate in/ for America.

The flag flies so high above all the land.Its red white and blue flows with the wind,in every direction.For many years we have fought to be able to do this.So much biodiversity in the united states,the eagle flies high above thy head gliding gracefully through the crisp,cool air atop the mountains.He symbolises all of our freedom in this country with his bold,wide wingspan,he shows that like an eagle, we can be bold,strong and do what we want and go where we want to go.people come from near or far to visit the United States, whether it may be for education or looking for opportunity.For most of our history we have fought for our greatness,letting the u.s have all of the freedoms and possible opportunities in this nation. I will leave you with a simple question to answer.what is your freedom or opportunity, and what does this mean to you? So now it is your turn to determine your fate, and what you will do in your later life. 




7th Grade American History wannabes

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