This is a series of haikus about my lover and his dreams. Integrated in this written creation are my hopes how things will work out, reality, and my greatest fear. The poem is divided into 7 parts to represent every day of the week.


By: Isabella Jones in KY 

My life has been hard.

Poverty, Sin, Injustice -

American Grey.

Then I met My Love.

A feeling that set me free.

American Light.

Courageous He Goes

Strong, Bold, Bright: Mission to Fight

American Brave

Please, come home to me.

How could I come to love again -

American Grave

Or Will Time Be Lost?

Do not evolve without me.

American Love

On our soil for good

Now peaceful, grow old with me.

American Home

Forced to roll dice.

American Sacrifice -

I’m proud no matter what.




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