Overall my American Creed is about accepting the way other people are and overcoming diversity.

My American Creed is something I strongly believe in. I believe that your future that you have will be strongly based and determined on the family you grow up with and the community you live at. I believe that some people that grow up without a strong supporting family and live in places with less or more money will determine their future. I believe that it will affect the job you get, the people you hang out, with the colleges you get into, and your circumstances in life. Some people who grow up without the so called good things in life will not get the same opportunities as people who do because this is America. America, a place that stereotypes and judges others based on their circumstances in life. We have been doing this for generations open generations. Many many people get caught up in the trap of their community were they live and it’s extremely hard for people to get out. But, my new American Creed along with others should be to overcome those stereotypes and diversity because we are all equal.




A group of 7th Grade American History wannabes

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