This is my opinion on trying to define what an American is

The best definition of a American is... nothing. The reason this is said is because we are all just a blend of all cultures, we all come from different places and made something that was unique and wonderful.. We struggled and fought for what we believed in, people even came to America to be free and to live a better life. We have no ´best´ definition of what it's like to an American as we all have unique and different thoughts that we can express.

”It doesn't matter where you came from, it's where you're going”. This quote from the beginning of the film really has a emotional connection to some people when they hear it. The quote shows how, even though we have lots of immigrants, citizens of different skin color, we are all really immigrants. We all came from different places, different times, different experiences yet we all make it work for us. We are all human.

People still like to connect to a same way of understanding things, like religions connecting over what they believe in. People are competitive and want their definition of life to be the best definition of life. If they respect others options then it's perfectly fine, but if they press their beliefs onto others it's not great. They should let others believe what they want and not criticize or think they are above people for their beliefs or race.

Despite hatefulness towards other people, this nation holds itself together pretty well. More and more people are becoming aware of important issues and are helping others by giving ideas to solve those issues. People are also seeing more people that are hateful towards others because people have broken away from that mindset themselves. We are all just human, there is no definition of American, there is no true definition of being human either. Yet if people break away from the mindset of being above people, they would realize we are all human.




Classen School of Advanced Studies Classen SAS 8th Grade English 2018

An arts and IB magnet school in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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