This speech can help you understand how you can show american creed through actions. Like your ever day life the american creed.

How can your actions express the American creed?

We can express the american cedd in different ways like showing kindness. doing right,and just being there for our country. When it come to or country people can show the american creed can be shown in different ways but the ways that are important to me have to the kindness,doing right and just being there for our country. When we can show kindness in our community like picking up trash, or being nice to someone can likely spread the kindness over a period of people. Also when we do the right think like nobody's the same which gives us diversity and can help learn different people ways but this can be concerder doing something right but what can be concerder right in america through our action like protesting when something is wrong ot giving kids a educations both ways are spread through speech which is a type of action. But when we are just there for our country we can just do about anything like we can make dream come true and welcome people giving them opprueanty. For example a time our country most was the great depression and if you think about it no one thought we would get out of it but with hard work the great depression slowly came to an end and out country was back on track. But when is comes to showing the american creed through action our everyday life can show the american creed. Like when it comes to kids, kids can show kindness like being nice to a teacher, making the right choices and hanging with the right groups, kids are the next generation but when they grow up there actions is there past and future cna have effect on the country and they can come up with ways to help the country get back on the right track. So when you think about when your not trying to show the american creed you can be shown in your everyday life right now. Now i talked to a few of my family members and ask them what do they think when they hear american creed my uncle said “Freedom” and my dad said “Acceptance” and finally my i asked a teacher in my neighborhood and she said this “There are many ways to show the american creed but to me it would have to be the countries determination,our values and the army risking their lives to help people” She made me think that no matter what we do we can show the american creed and people show it in different ways. So when i hear the words american creed to i really think how people are united and our actions in no matter what situation can show the american creed. So you think what actions have you took that you think have shown the american creed to me it would have to be that on day i may be able to provide education to kids even if they cant come to school i will try my best to help them get a good education and let them have a bright future ahead of them in helping our country live on and show how we can help people just by showing kindness, doing right, and being there when our country needs us.




A group of 7th Grade American History wannabes

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