This is a piece about discrimination in America.

America is known for its freedom, acceptance, it has not. In America, it seems as though we treat diversity like it is lethal and dangerous, we fail to see that it is normal and amazing. Discrimination is shown towards different genders, sexualitys, and races. We can't see that those things make us special, that they make us unique. I am someone who is responsible for privilege. I am not treated with any discrimination aside from that I'm a woman. That I am white. That I am wealthy. That I am straight. But everyday I see discrimination and instead of being proud of the landIcall home, I am ashamed.

Discrimination doesn't just affect those discriminated against, it affects everyone. Hate crimes kill innocent people, discrimination affects everyone from children to adults. Children are raised to treat others differently. Children are taken away from their parents. Children are bullied. Children are killed. Children kill themselves. Because of discrimination innocent citizens are dead, depressed, and lonely. How can we not see the problems?

Across America, discrimination costs lives physically and mentally. According to the world economic reform,¨Women are 47% more likely to suffer severe injuries in car crashes because safety features are designed for men¨. How is this acceptable in a world where the men to woman ratio is about 1:1, not 2:1. In fact the exact men to women ratio has a slightly higher number of women.

According to the child mind institute 90% of the LGBTQ population report harassment, verbally or physically. Child trends conducted a study about LGBTQ scholars compared to straight, the results were not good. 63% of LGBTQ students felt sad or hopeless opposed to the less than half amount of 27.5% of straight students. At even more importance LGBTQ results showed they were over four times more likely to attempt suicide than straight, 5.4% of straight and 23% of LGBTQ.

America is known for freedom, as freedom of speech is used quite often to disguise discrimination speech, freedom of sexuaility should be excepted. We as humans have evolved greatly, so why can't we evolve our ideas.In other words, we should be more accepting in this point of civilization.




A group of 7th Grade American History wannabes

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