This picture is about a kid that is looking up to his father. The father is giving him a present of good values. There is also a lightning bolt blocking the good values by social media. A TV, book and a phone can easily change your views. You have to choose your path.

Choose Your Path

The picture represents the American creed passed down from my parents, but there is a ton of other systems that try to get in my way that skew with my ideas. The picture depicts this by a tall person (who is my dad) giving a present to me. The reason why he is tall is because I am trying to literally look up to him to receive this present. The present is a symbol, receiving this type of present should be a gift, to know from the real rights and wrongs. There is a lightning bolt in between my hand and the present. The lighting bolt is trying to cut off all knowledge of the gift by distractions. The distractions are shown the book, the tv ad the phone. There has been a “connection between inflammatory speech online and violent acts” (Laub). The present has all the values that my parents have taught me. Inside each box is a different type of value. The top left it displays that boys and girls should always be treated equal. What can easily disturb that value is your phone. There is a lot of social media accounts that go against women and make fun of them. “Unsurprisingly, women are an often preferred target of online harassment” (Petrov).The top right of the present displays that all races should be equal. There have been more social media accounts bringing hate than “Research indicates that stereotypical representations of girls as sexualized objects seeking male attention are commonly found in social networking sites” (Bailey) In the present it represents more than just blacks are equal to whites, it is also Latinos, Mexicans and Asians. On the bottom left of the present it displays the disability sign. What this means is that people with disabilities should always be treated the same throughout their entire life. The bottom left box represents love and passion for anyone. A person could be straight or gay ad through out life should be treated the same. In social media people usually follow the thought that men should not be married with another man, so the lighting bolt is trying to block out everything. I either need to take the present or leave it.

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