“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.” ― Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche You are yourself, along with others you make a community. Each part, with their histories, are equally as important.



“The heart of America’s creed… is that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights” (American Legacy Center). America, along with the Declaration of Independence and Constitution founded its beliefs in a creed: The American Creed. Out of all ways to interpret the creed, one of the key ideas is the idea of community and history. Family and Community history connect to only half of my American creed. Along with that, the connections and current relations with my community make my American creed whole. This union of past and present in the community allows for a perfect union to be born, one that is inseparable.

In the photograph, aptly named “Union”, it shows a combination of these ideas. So many things in this world have a gray area, things open to discussion or indeterminate. With the faces being black and white, it represents that one of the things in my mind that is certain, the importance of our community and its history. A colored American flag representing the complexity of our country today.

In the foreground, a combination of people is shown, each with unique features. Skin tone, facial features, eye color, hair style, and age are just some of the many things that make these three people unique. Yet combined, they form a community that the American creed emphasizes, a community that is “a perfect union, one and inseparable” (Page). These people are centered, as they are the center of America. Additionally, the center to my American creed is the idea of community, each unique feature being a part of a person’s past which they can bring forth to the community.

I have always believed in the best of people. The belief that people can come together and be respectful, to form an open and diverse community filled with good intentions. Of course, this can’t always be true. People are diverse creatures, and yet with that not always the most accepting. That’s what the word collage is for. The two biggest words being ‘Community’ and ‘Background’ as those heavily affect my American creed, and with additional things such as ‘Union’ and ‘School’, referring to my view on the creed as well as where my creed is normally taking place. Yet one of the smaller words is ‘Hope’. Since I have hope that even though people have differences and problems ensue, the good I also see shows there is a chance for those actions to be rectified.

In the background is the American flag, a more literal representation of America. Yet, what stands in front of the flag is the people. The thing that “American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes” (Page) for is so the community can enjoy the life of freedom and peace given by the American flag.

All of the ideas of the American creed, the people, the freedoms, the flag and its symbolism, all are present. Yet one that is heavily focused on is how we all can form a perfect union in our communities. All aspects of life connect to your community, however, what makes up the communities history and your own individuality is the most important. That is my American creed, and that is what this picture represents.




Staples High School Sulzycki 2A 2018-19

Final Exam Performance Assessment

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