Exploring my family history through art in order to explain my American Creed

My American creed is able to connect with my family history because without their courage and them finding opportunity I would not have the same chances to succeed today. American creed explains someone’s journey of becoming an American and changing their family history forever by giving better opportunity. In my artwork I explained how my family is in its current position by telling my history. First, the sculpture was placed on a book to explain how this is a story of my family. Furthermore, the pages of the book is open to a map and on the map are pins on Poland, Russia, and the destination is New York. My great grandparents both fled Europe in 1939 in order to escape the Nazi regime and later start and new life in Manhattan. On top of the map are three boats which represent my great grandparents being immigrants and their journey to America and becoming a citizen of the United States. On the bottom of the first page is a doughnut because when my great grandfather joined the workforce he made doughnuts and with that job he was able to support his family. On top of the doughnut is a mallet and in America that represents law and my grandfather became lawyer and he practiced law for over thirty years. The second mallet is for the same reason except for my father he became a lawyer because of my grandfather. Furthermore, on my Mother’s side of the family, My great grandfather collected scrap metal and sold the pieces he would find. He later retired and gave the business to my grandfather. My grandfather saved money from his scrap metal business and bought apartment buildings all over New York. He continues to sell scrap metal and rent apartments to consumers. Lastly, the doughnut and mallets are the same color and same material because my grandfather and father would not be able to become lawyers if it wasn’t the opportunity my great grandfather created for them. For the same reason, the buildings are made out of tin foil because if it weren’t for my great grandfather creating a scrap metal business then my grandfather would not be able to buy apartments and rent them out to people. Also, the different photo angles allows for all of the detail to be seen and gives the viewer different perspectives. Everything my great grandfather’s grandfather and my father did all helped to create the person I am today. Without this story, I would not be any different than anyone else. America is able to connect each other through our different stories. 




Staples High School Sulzycki 2A 2018-19

Final Exam Performance Assessment

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