my American creed is the importance of family

American Creed

My American Creed is the importance of family and upholding my family beliefs.

Everyone in my family, both immediate and extended, have worked really hard to make sure that we all know how important family is and how important it is to support each other in our goals and interests. Life is full of good times and bad times, successes and failures, and my family has supported me through all of them. I want to do the same for them, and for other people who are important to me as I grow up and have new experiences.

I am lucky to be very close with my family- although my relationship with each one of them is different- they are each very important and have helped me become who I am today. My parents have always been very supportive and let me have the freedom to be who I want to be. My Mom, Paige, is always reminding me how many opportunities I have and that I should make the most of them. She has pushed me to stay involved in sports, and really helped me realize that sports are a great and important thing to do and how sports can teach me many valuable lessons. My parents have made sure that my sister and I can tell them anything. My Dad, Eric, grew up in Westport and also attended Staples so he really understands all the different pressures of living in a great, but competitive town like this.. He has helped me to stay grounded, and is always willing to talk to me about everything, without passing judgement. My sister, Emma, is the opposite of me in a lot of ways. She is very focused on her academics and is very competitive. I have watched her work so hard all my life, and it has really helped teach me how hard work can really pay off and help you achieve your goals. I can always ask her for help or suggestions and she always gives me great advice.

I am a child of divorced parents, and although some people would consider that a negative, I don’t. My parents got divorced when i was very little so i don't really remember a lot of the details. I do remember that I was sad at first and thought that a lot of things were going to change in my life, but that was not the case. At the beginning of their separation it was a little weird that we were not all living together, but since the divorce happened when I was so young I don't remember there being that big of a change in my life. When they got divorced, my Mom and Dad made it their goal to make sure we all still had a good relationship with each other. Many parents when they get divorced are not able to maintain a good relationship which can have a negative effect on kids and their futures. I have friends who have parents that do not get along, and I can see how it just adds to the stress of an already stressful teenage existence. My parents have stayed friends and really support each other and setting this example for me and my sister is something that has helped me a lot. It has also helped me to be strong for my friends who are going through a similar situation and allows me to help them be optimistic about the future.

I am also exposed to a lot of different things through my extended family of grandparents, aunts and a cousin. The consistent trait with all of them is a strong work ethic, and this is something that is part of my American Creed. I have a grandmother who loves animals and horses and has taught me that kindness can take you far. I have a grandfather who worked from a very young age from difficult beginnings to build a high level of success. My other grandmother has worked so hard as real estate broker and is still dedicated to her jo My other grandfather has instilled in me a caring for the environment and an appreciation for weather and taught me things about the atmosphere that I never would have known. My aunts have a love of the arts and have both pursued careers that have exposed me to theatre and photography. All of these people make up who I am and I am grateful every day to have learned so much from them.

If you ask any of my immediate or extended family what I have taught them, and what I contribute to their American Creed, hopefully they would say- The importance of humor and laughter, and not taking life too seriously.  




Staples High School Neary 2A 18-19


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