My American Creed is broken down into three main topics. Keeping a good mindset and focusing on improvement, being adventurous and gaining good experience from those things, and finally how all these things lead to better self-expression so you can be you.

I have by no means had a difficult upbringing. My family is well off and as of moving to America, I have lived in a nice town full of nice people. That said I still have goals and a reason for my own American Creed. It’s generally thought kids brought in higher class families don’t need to work as hard as other people. I will not lie, that could be true to a certain extent, hard work still makes someone reach elevated levels. I, similar to most Americans, am looking to exceed my families expectations and be the best person I can be. Whether that success takes the form of wealth or contentment I want to ensure my accomplishments are carried out through my life. I think having a reason for an American Creed could actually be an American Creed in itself. Wanting to attain the highest achievements will not only help me, as an individual but could overall improve the country.

Being more productive every day is a great way to be a better person. I personally shoot for one-upping the day before. Those small improvements are what makes me feel accomplished. It also constantly allows for improvement, and although I never expect to be perfect, I can definitely continue to improve. Elon Musk put the idea of being better every day perfectly when he said, “If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it's not.” When I apply this in everyday life I study a little bit more for the next quiz, or I do something as little as saying “hi” to one more person. In spite of having the freedom to do almost anything, I try to keep my mind set on improvement for the betterment of myself and the people around me. Unfortunately, This seems like one of the least appreciated ideas in American society. The thought of freedom is more prevalent in America, and though I understand the push for almost infinite freedom is the base of America, If it wasn’t for the want to get better over time then freedom wouldn’t be possible.

Something else that an American should follow through with more is trying new things. During a class interview with Jesus Rodriguez, he said that being brought up somewhere other than America allowed him to gain a lot of skills that he would have otherwise not learned. This seems to be a theme with the most successful people. They have skills that very few people possess. Most of these skills are acquired through experience. Similar to daily improvement, you just need to do more. It’s quite simple, the more you do, no matter what that thing is, you will gain experience that you can use in other situations. When my mom was younger she chose to travel a lot and learn a lot of languages. She first used this for her career which was working for a hotel chain handling foreign business. More importantly, she now uses it for everyday conversation. For example, when she’s speaking to someone who’s Spanish, she will converse with them in Spanish. Although this doesn’t seem like it would do much, if anything at all, but in reality, it makes the person more comfortable. The conversation may become easier for them and therefore more enjoyable. But that’s not the only skill that comes from travel. It also becomes easier to fit into diverse communities. This is very important in America as it’s a country of immigrants with huge amounts of diversity. If people can relate to all types of communities and people overall positivity will increase.

Through experience and improvement comes self-expression. As you learn more about the life you learn more about yourself, and this is really what America is. Being what you want to be, and not what other people want you to be. “I think I’m cool. And that’s all that matter.” This is something Tyler, the Creator said, someone who is very expressive and by being himself he’s gained a huge public following. Americans need to remember their roots and the authentic American Dream. That doesn’t necessarily mean dwell on the past, but adapt original ideas to modern situations. As we all have similar dreams and goals of success we should be able to increase positive relations. Through that, we can learn to help each other, and go as far as to reach our targets more efficiently. All of these things lead to better connections and consequently a better America.

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Staples High School Neary 2A 18-19


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