The issue of Immigration

Immigration sure has been a hot topic for the American public lately, especially with current President and Administration. “ They aren’t real citizens,” or “ they immigrated here, they can never belong here.” You might hear if you watch Fox news, or other conservative anchors. Their views and opinions are bad so don’t listen to them. The only people that aren’t immigrants to America are Native Americans, and everyone else just hopped into the giant melting pot. The people who own and produce Fox, and their supporters, are typically Caucasian, which means they immigrated here. We are a country of immigrants and any attempt to stop to stop them is as preposterous as it is ludicrous. We can’t prosper with closed borders because our land has always been a center of trade and commerce internationally, and much of our income is riding on it. To ban immigration, we are hindering the progress of our country as a whole, the people who banned them included. So that raises the popular question, why are we senselessly hurting ourselves? The answer is simple: hate, hate, hate and hate.

Is this hate reasonable? No, it isn’t. You may see Info Wars and Fox News saying they are swarming across the border to steal jobs, and take advantage of the healthcare. They dehumanize Mexicans, calling them “rapists” and “criminals”. If you look closer, you might realize what they are saying is a load of garbage that just repeats itself over and over again. If you look at the statistics, you might realize that more immigrants are coming from Asia than South America. Does anyone pay attention to that? No. Instead they pay attention to President Donald Trump's tweets. The funny thing is, is that the tweets are creating a diversion, while Trump is paying farmer’s 20 billion dollars for no reason. But that is a different story. We should be concerned by Trump’s border policies that are tearing apart families who just want to be apart of the American dream, but are denied due to their race. We claim we are an advanced western world country, but are we? We look down on the Nazis for the atrocities they committed, but are we any better than them? Are we a land of the free, or the land of the hypocrites? Maybe both? Our actions contradict our core values. We believe in open borders, but we are also trying to build a border wall. We endorse justice, but then we deport, detain, and arrest people, no questions asked. We talk about the injustice, but don’t act on it. We vote overwhelmingly Liberal, but make our nation’s leaders Conservative. Why do we do this? Because our country is a sad, little train wreck that everyone hates, besides Americans. So what is the point of fighting for it? Why don’t we pack up and leave? There are two main reasons for this. Reason 1: That is very expensive.Reason 2. We can change.

Our founding fathers gave us the ability to change things that the majority doesn’t like. We have the ability to resist dictators and totalitarian governments, due to our power to decide who makes the decisions in the White House, Congress building, and Supreme Court building. Many countries have also implemented systems like this into their governments, but we were the first to master it (sorry Rome and Athens). Whether we like it or not, we are the current world superpower, and we have to take the responsibility into our hands, and assert our dominance on everyone else, until China takes over. We must do this peacefully because the American public is against war (we don’t need another Vietnam). And yet again, I digress from the topic of American Creed. The main theme is that no one is illegal, and immigration has shaped our country in the past, and will continue to do so for years to come, whether we like it or not. One of our main core values is inclusiveness, and it will always be.




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