This is my response to the concept of an American Creed.

If we fight ourselves

How do we know that we won or lost?

How do we know when to continue

When to stop

When to be more of ourselves

Can we do it alone?

Or do we need constant support

From people

Book and songs

Do we have to listen to other’s people stories

In order to feel better

Will our fight make more sense when it is experienced by someone else who was been through it all

Someone who will know our story just by looking into our eyes

They will say to us

“I’ve know what you’re going through

And I am gonna help you elevate yourself

You’ll know how to do it the secomd time alone”

If we abondon our own fights

Is it a relief

Or a failure?

Let’s talk, America , human beings from the day we are born; we have an empty mind, meaning we are easily manipulated by certain information. America distracts and corrupts our minds by teaching us to be Disconnected…

The System was made to enslave our mines by using Technology, Social media, all of which Divides the nation to be polar. :et’s talk America, tell us the truth about the flag, national anthem, and The Pledge of Allegiance. Stop making it a white vs color divide. being stuck in your fairytales liars, feeling hopeless every time I look in the sky thinking is 911 going to happen, Once again thinking of The Burning of Washington in 1812. Come Upon innocence once more. Reality isn’t what they say it was; awake from your Dreams - that was just flaws, New World Order is coming to America but the public eye is blind to see, Wake up America there’s still light in the darkest times, wake up America and let's Unite people with truth, and honor each other with respect. The youth plays the biggest role in this act; we control the present and the future. Let our voices be heard. Let’s make America great!!!




Project Citizen Project Citizen '19

Project Citizen is a youth writing lab that is offered as part of the Connecticut Writing Project at Fairfield University. The mission of Project Citizen is to empower young writers to engage in issues of social and political importance through a variety of genres in order to both find their voice and to become fully realized citizens in our democracy. Project Citizen brings together students from school districts and towns in Fairfield county that represent a variety of economic, racial, ethnic, and religious demographic groups in an effort to break down the "zip code apartheid" that stands in the way of true collaborative learning.

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