Racism in today's society is out of control.

Racism in today’s world is out of control. This topic is very serious and it touches people’s hearts more than you may think. If racism could stop, think about how many people would feel more loved or cared about and maybe even overcome their fear of being “a different color.”

I am from Mississippi and my school is what made me want to talk about this. Racism has been horrible here in Puckett, Mississippi. But I will say, I think things are getting better and starting to fall into place. I feel like Mississippi is one of the top states that racism is a major issue. Judging someone for not being the same color is racism. I think that all people, of all different colors should get along and if you want to be in a relationship with a person of a different skin color than your own, then that should be okay. People are going to judge you just because it’s not the norm but I still think it should be accepted and not judged so harshly.

Racism is one of the biggest problems in today's world and comes from many different things. Racism can be calling people names, judging one another by different skin color and the way one may look. But God made us different for a reason. We are all unique with our ways of thinking, doing, and looking.

Racism can affect many lives and can even lead to sucide. Judging one by skin color/ looks, hurts more than what you may think it does. More than likely they are not going to show you that it hurts them but it really does. My mom has always told me, “treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t hate someone by the way they look or talk or the way they act. Smile everyday because that may be the only smile someone may see and it could make their day.”

Racism is just as bad as bullying; just don’t do it!  




High school sociology class @ Puckett High School in Mississippi

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