This poem is about the history of America and the many stops that America has made to get where it is and where it's going.

America’s Pit Stops

I am an American.

We range in color from dark to fair skin.

Nonetheless we are all equal,

Therefore the constitution needs no sequel.

I don’t discriminate against others’ colors,

Because we all came from our respective mothers.

For the future generations I will set an example,

and allow no evil on our dreams, to trample.

The age of injustice was ample and long,

and the black bird sang its little caged bird song.

Although the bird would sit and mope,

its spirit, unwavering, sang songs of hope.

For the caged bird knew of the days to come.

That someday that cage would come undone.

There were black school halls, and white school halls;

things like segregation and Jim Crow Laws.

Was this order, perhaps too tall?

Nay, I say, because freedom will call!

Today America is prosperous and free,

where birds of any kind can perch on any tree.

Today America is a place to pursue one’s dreams,

while ideas of freedom flow like a stream.

This is America, without discrimination,

but surely isn’t to be our final destination.




High school sociology class @ Puckett High School in Mississippi

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