What I feel about America today...

I love America; it is the most diverse and unique country in the entire world. It has equality, justice, opportunities, and freedom. America rose from being nothing but a few colonies to the greatest country in the world in no time at all.

However, there are a few issues I would like to address, one being gun control. Why should anti gun control advocates have the right to tell me what I can and cannot have? I don't think so! Let's say gun control gets passed and some guns are banned, well then people who are determined to hurt others will resort to bombs, which we can’t ban because they can be made out of anything. Or they would use knives. If you ban knives then what's next: pencils? That just would not work.

Some people recommend banning assault rifles. AR 15 is technically not even an assault rifle nor is most semi auto rifles sold commercially. An AR 15 is a carbine because of the short barrel and not an assault rifle because it is semi automatic, not fully automatic.

Kneeling for the flag when a person should be standing at attention and saluting is something else that shouldn't be done in America. Kneelers are disrespecting all the men and women who serve and have died for that flag, for them and their families. The way I see it is do not protest against the thing that keeps you safe at night: THE FLAG and what it represents -- freedom, security, opportunity, hope.

The U.S has issues and will always have issues because we are such a diverse nation, but we still need to respect our flag and constitutional rights that defines our great country.




High school sociology class @ Puckett High School in Mississippi

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