From the original colonists who created the foundation of American Creed, it spread throughout the country, the ideals passed down through their descendants, and shared with new Immigrants as time passes.

In a 3.537 million square mile country, how does every American and beyond understand the American creed? How does someone living at the northwestern most city in Alaska have the same set of ideals as another person living in the southeastern most city in Florida? How does a new immigrant in California believe in the same thought as a person whose family has been around for generations in New York? Although Americans all have different and unique beliefs, the American creed comes from American history, which is how we have our current opportunities and circumstances, and will affect all our future with our current decisions.

The American creed begins before America was a country, in the colonial days. People migrating to the new world seeking a new start and less government control. During the Revolutionary war, people living in the south and north with completely different lifestyles, recognized each others’ differences but discovered that they are all looking for the same thing. Building off of that, they created a country where everyone can have control over their own life. Those who fought for this ideal treasured their reward and remembered the sacrifices given as their descendants migrated across the country, spreading the American creed to their encounters. News of these struggles made its way around the world and became a part of America’s identity, spreading to people across the globe. Americans no matter where realized the price that formed the American creed in Americans and made it an important set of ideals to keep in mind while making decisions.

In the present, especially with the widespread use of social media, Americans can see the effects of the American creed. Shari from Alaska on (on Sydnee’s American Creed) says “I am proud of all the people who fought in various wars for my freedom” and Thomas Grabeel of Virginia writes “...I think of a happy life of service to the people around me” a connecting cycle of service and reward from everyone as seen around America. Another example, on the illegal immigrant crisis, people wanted to accept the immigrants as part of the ethnic groups that makes the United States the melting pot that it is, a belief dating back to the discovery of the New World. When news of ISIS terrorizing innocent people, America saw it as an injustice against what they stood for and tried to help. These thoughts circulate through the country, keeping the American creed alive. If our variety of opportunities to take action are limited by some other power, an increasing amount of people would speak up against it in fear of the problem as Amerians have for centuries. Through media, everyone can see the effect of American creed or those obscuring it.

Looking into the past, Americans can see the foundations of the country in the government, the heart of the country, connecting all its limbs and states, containing the citizens as cells. Many other thoughts of Americans get in the way of decisions, but no matter how different their set of beliefs, jobs, or location, they all agree on a few things which are what make up the American creed. When making choices, especially those that influence the public, people would think of how it affects the future, like will this candidate for president promote these basic American ideals that have made the country successful? Hearing about someone in the south making public speeches about individuality, or an eastern student sharing his thoughts on freedom and union keeps the American creed alive in its area. If an American agrees with these ideals then they would likely try to preserve it, making sure the government doesn’t violate any of the American creed. The government then makes laws that could last until the end, ensuring the continuation of the American Creed.

Americans living anywhere are all connected to the American creed through the country’s past, current events, and thoughts of how it could change the future. Americans who believe in the American creed and pass it on are vital to how the next generations are formed. Opening up more to the American creed makes America unique and a guiding light to other countries stretching around the globe and not just the boundaries of America. Spreading the American creed idea past borders could save countries from corruption and create a more successful, accepting, and happy world.

This is a 10th grade PreAP Honors English 10 class co-taught with AP U.S. history.

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