It's just simply a poem describing what I feel like being an american citizen.

Dear America,

I know that you are loved and admired by many

But I honestly don’t see why

You must see the citizen’s look of fear

Or maybe you think they’re just shy.

But how I wish you could see why we are far from the best

I wish you could see all the problems we face

If you do that then maybe people will think you actually have a heart in that cold chest

I wish you could see beyond your white walls and stop singing the false jubilee

Then maybe you can somewhat imagine what it’s like to be me.

Me, a simple female citizen trying her best even though I’ve been double crossed.

By a system who thinks that my life is nothing but a silly game.

A game that often makes me feel like I’ve already lost.

Growing up I thought that my life would be happy even through the pain

But my little soul had not seen the overwhelming darkness that this country possesses

Now every minute of every day I’m fighting to break out of cold sexist chains

Life isn’t supposed to be this hard

Or this cruel

But forever I will wake up and see the scars

Caused by hatred and divide

Maybe when I have children, things will be different

Or I’ll just have to teach them to always stay inside.




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