My piece talks about what it truly means to be an American, and gives proof about what I mean.

      America is thought to be the best country in the world, especially by Americans. However, do they know what it even means to be an American? Some think it means to be free, or to get rich. I can prove what it means to be an American. To be an American is to be given an equal opportunity, no matter who you are, and do as much work as you can to be who you want to be.

      Firstly, we start on the given opportunity. Everyone born in America can be president of the United States. This is just one example why you’re given an equal opportunity. Some of us may have harder or bigger challenges, but that just gives us a better reason to fight forward for our dream.

     Secondly  is who you are. It doesn’t matter who you are, you will always get the same chance as any fellow American. Maybe you’ll take a different path or encounter different challenges along the way. The point is you can be whoever, and still have the same opportunity.

     Thirdly is the work. If you don’t put the work in, it doesn’t matter if you get the same opportunity as others. If you’re faced with a bigger challenge than other Americans, that just means you have to be stronger and fight on harder. Work is the difference between failing or succeeding. This would’ve been the most important step, if it weren't for the last one.

     Most importantly is the dream. We might all have the same opportunity, but we all have different dreams, and that’s why we end up in different places. Some of us don’t work hard enough, and some become successful and end up in the job position they wanted. The job they dreamed of.

     In Conclusion, all these steps are important to all Americans. However, no one would be where they are today, if they didn’t dream. Yes, you don’t go anywhere without the work. Yes, you don’t go anywhere if you somehow didn’t receive the opportunity that everyone gets in America. But if you did get all of those, and didn’t have a dream, you’d be nowhere. All that work would’ve been for nothing. That's what it means to be an American, to achieve your dream.   




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