What it means to be an American and what rights and privilages you get.

 “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”

~ World War II Director of the United States Office of War Information, Elmer Davis

To be an American to me means to be free, to be proud of your country, and to be treated equally. To be free means that when you grow up you can pick the job you want, what shift to work, and to have a good education. Being proud of your country means that you can say "The Pledge of Allegiance".

 Also, having rights means that you can vote for the president. To me, it means most of all to be free and to be proud that you live in the United States of America. It means for everyone to be treated equally. Lastly, you have the right and freedom to do whatever you want. To be an American you would have freedom and liberty. 

We also have a very diverse country which means we are stronger because we have to learn all the different ways of living. Freedom is a big part of being an American because it gives you the right to do whatever you want. Pride is important, because you should be happy that you live in the United States. 

Lastly, your rights are that everyone in the United States should be treated equally and have their individual rights which is to let you have the freedom to act, work, and think. When one considers freedom, pride, and rights, it is clear to see what it means to be an American.




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