This is a paper on what it means to be an American.

Being an American is being free to do whatever you want to do or become in life. Americans have one thing in common, it is freedom. Freedom with rules, so we don’t go crazy. We have good people to help you in life. 

Firstly freedom, with freedom comes rules and responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is with your own money. You need to be financially responsible, so you can buy what you want to buy. Only if you are willing to work at a job, you want and be happy in a life you created for yourself.

Lastly your life, your life is yours. You can make it the best or the worst life. You only have one, so choose the best life you can. Make it for you or for someone else that needs some help. You need to go to school, even if you hate it, you will get a better job if you have a great education. You want to get the job you want in life. If you have a good job, you most likely, will get good amount of money to go with it.

In conclusion, American patriotism, the flag, the states, the celebrations, the food, the people, soldiers who fight  to keep us safe, the independence of your life and others, and your country, these are the things that make me and other Americans what america is today and tomorrow and the next day after that and the rest of our lives this is what it means to be an American.    




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