Because of Freedom and Liberty

The United States of America. The country that gave my mother numerous opportunities that were not present in her homeland, and the country that sealed for me the birthright of freedom and liberty.

By Melrose B. from Crownover in Texas

 The United States of America. The country that gave my mother numerous opportunities that were not present in her homeland, and the country that sealed for me the birthright of freedom and liberty. The majority of citizens in this country can all vouch for the various ideologies that come with being American, including those who originate from different ethnic backgrounds who contribute to the diversity of the nation as a whole. A belief that many would understand is the importance of the American creed to those who were once and still might be a stranger to this land of undeniable possibilities.

To begin with, a very moving and inspirational event that many have gone through is the naturalization and transition into becoming an American citizen. The ceremony requires people to take an oath to pledge their allegiance and skills to help better this country, and already these newcomers have a sense of the importance to honor and respect this new land and what comes with it. Joyce Shaeker, someone who has had first hand experience with being naturalized, explained in a short interview the thrill and excitement that came with the function and her understanding of what it meant to be welcomed into the country and the great expectations of being a loyal and honest citizen.

Additionally, the brilliant and adept poetic author Rupi Kaur has expressed the positive morales that go hand in hand with being an immigrant and a citizen of America. In the poem first generation immigrant she stressed the point of leaving the only place you've ever called home in hopes of finding a new purpose elsewhere. Something about this country is the fact that because of the principles set out for all of us to follow, a certain barrier is broken through that connects us as one nation. And in a verse in the poem, she made it her intention to explain and help people understand exactly that.

And last but not least, something that I hold dear to my heart is the knowledge that comes with being a child of someone who immigrated to this country for a fresh start and better life. My mother who is Sierra Leonean born knew from a young age that migrating here wouldn't only be be advantageous for her but it would also be beneficial for the child she had yet to conceive, and for that I am grateful. Throughout my upbringing she has been a phenomenal example for expressing the good nature of the American creed, and I see everyday how diligent she works and gives back to the country that welcomed her with open arms.

To sum it all up, the people who understand the morality of being American are none other than the immigrants who rooted from another country but made the decision to come here. These individuals have experienced life from different perspectives and have learned the significance of giving back to those who have helped in their uprooting. For all of these reasons folded together, that is why our beliefs are shared with those American citizens not born here but chose to come here for freedom and liberty.

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