Naturalization Process from the eyes of someone who had to do it

Being an adopted child from South Korea, I have always seen things and regarded topics differently than those around me therefore when Eric Liu spoke about the naturalization process, it resonated very strongly with me. Most, if not all, born citizens do not realize how much of an impact this ceremony can have on just a single person.

When an immigrant comes to the United States, there is a reason. It might be so that they can escape religious persecution, find work, or simply just to give their families a better life. When they finally get to the point where they are able to speak the oath and swear their loyalty to the United States, endless doors of opportunity are opened for them. They are able to find more job opportunities without restrictions placed upon them. They will cherish that moment for forever. The impact of the ceremony will lead people to change their lives or the way they view certain topics or the way they picture the American Dream in their minds. To immigrants, their American Dream can be providing for their family and living a better life with more opportunities. If my brother and I had never gone through the Naturalization process, our lives would be extremely different. My brother would not be in the National Guard and I would not be at Gerstell going to college.

To conclude, the Naturalization ceremony is not a bunch of words that have no meaning. This ceremony is extremely important and symbolic of what values the United States holds. The American Dream will become a reality to those immigrating and the realization will hit hard.




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