Explaining what American Creed means to me

Throughout the movie American Creed you get many different opinions and inputs on what "American Creed" means for each person. The people in the movie all had unique upbringings which eventually formed their opinion of the American creed. Personally the American Creed to me can be hard to identify at times. When I think of the American identity I think of all these statements of "freedom" which are found everywhere from the constitution to the pledge of allegiance. However people fail to realize that freedom can be defined differently for different groups of people. It is true that physically the people of America are free but it can be argued that in society many people aren't. As far as society is concerned African American men and women are not "free" to do all the same things as white people. Our parents tell us we can't wear certain things or have our hair a certain way because they fear for our safety. Many people of African American decent are discriminated against daily anywhere from the store to a job interview. Another example could be women who are often told not to walk alone at night or not to wear certain clothes. If everyone was "free' would that be something they should have to worry about? Overall these are issues that will unfortunately take generations to resolve because they are usually inherited beliefs passed down from generation to generation. Until one member of a family decides to think for themselves these beliefs and ideas will be passed down from generation to generation and continue to make it even harder to identify the American creed. 




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