American Creed Prompt Number 1

This Prompt is about my American Creed and how we as a nation can better ourselves to become united and ultimately one of the most powerful nations in the world

By Benjamin K. from Gerstell Academy in Maryland

My American Creed is to unite with those who have the same mindset and goals as me to achieve the American Dream. No matter people's ethnicity or where they come from, I try to unite with those who will help me become successful. In my opinion that is the core quality of American Creed. If we as a nation have that similar mindset of becoming successful and achieving the American dream through our differences, the problems of America being a divided nation would not occur. America is in such a divided state over background, politics, and other differences and the people of America do not see the bigger picture. If we as Americans see the common goal of becoming successful through our differences and uniting together as a nation, we would progress and advance to be the most powerful nation in the world. Due to the fact that many people in America do not understand this, we are falling behind and are more divided as a nation than ever before. This is over reasons such as politics and ethnicity. In conclusion, my American creed mindset will help me become successful. If other Americans in my generation imitate my mindset, I think in 30 years, our country will be much one of the most powerful nations in the world. America will progress with unity. 

Gerstell Academy

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