Joe Maddon's idea was my inspiration and from it i develop a community festival. The festival would allow all cultures and asks that each culture be prepared to express itself in different ways.

Prompt: How can you express your American creed through action?


Community Festival

The purpose of the festival will be to bring all people in the community closer together and to help them realize that they are all in this together and have common interests and opinions. The festival welcomes all cultures and ethnicities. The purpose is to prove that families from different cultures can truly get together if they give themselves the chance to do so. To show this we ask that you bring; yourselves, family members, musical instruments and voices, poems, and food.

The festival will have activities for people of all ages. There will be sports, game booths, and we ask that you bring any games that you play as a family that you find interesting and want to share. If you do bring your own game, it would be great if you tell the people you’re playing with why the game was created. For kids there will be a kid’s section with bouncy houses and sports fields.

The food, probably the best part, there will be an abundance of food from each culture. Sit down, eat a lot, and enjoy yourself. If it’s so good you have to ask for the recipe, don’t be shy ask you just might get it. We will have containers for those who wish to take some of the food home.

Lastly, the ending festivities. Bring out a chair and join us out in the field for a bonfire. We welcome you to tell stories pasted down from your culture. Whether scary or amusing. Also, more food, bring some of your best deserts and place them on the desert table.

We hope you like what you hear and we can’t wait to see you there.




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