Personal definitions of American Creed can be achieved by taking action, by proposing different ways to insure change. Here is my way of taking part in this change.

It has taken me some time to find the right words to describe my American Creed—what it actually means to be an American citizen and to live within these borders. With all that is going on in our country, it has been hard to see the good in the United States, especially as a young African American woman. But finally, I was able to put it all into words.

What I want America to look like in the coming years is what I want it to mean to be an American. Being American means having the ability to express yourself in any way. To have the rights of freedom and to hold ourselves to the standards written in all important documents that make America. Whether it is the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Lastly, it means to be accepting of anyone regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

We are called the “United” States of America, there has to be unity amongst all groups in order to achieve the American ideals. We have to be respectful of one another despite everything that makes us different. This video has provided multiple perspectives on what it means to be an American and I think unity is a big part of it. I would like to take action in achieving this unity and to make a change. 

Joe Maddon’s story proved that common interests can bring a group of completely different individuals together. If given the opportunity, my proposal would be a lacrosse program based on diversity. Luckily, a few years ago, a lacrosse program called Nation United was started. This program’s main goal is to make the lacrosse community a more diverse group. As of 2018, people of color made up 18% of the Division 1 men’s lacrosse community, with 2.8% being African American (Liberman,2020). With the numbers being slightly lower on the women’s side among players. Joe Maddon started the Hazelton Immigration Program to bring his community together and Nation United was started to bring the lacrosse community together. The goal is to diversify the game, by doing so, unity will come. This team not only brings all races together to play but they talk about the racial problems in our current country and the best ways to address them. These coaches have started something big, that will definitely contribute to change in our world and I am so blessed to be a part of it.

To achieve that unity, we have to be accepting of one another’s differences and that is exactly what is being taught through Nations. Though this is one proposal, it will definitely go a long way in the lacrosse community and I can’t wait to witness its growth. Being my age, it is harder to contribute towards the change we want to see. Through these sports organizations, children my age can help take part in the push. Our generation will be the change and my definition of American Creed will eventually be achieved.


Liberman, M. (2019, August 18). Inside the lack of racial diversity in lacrosse. The Daily Orange.




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