Rap about what it means to be American.

American Creed, American Creed,

My definition of the American Creed

Is something today that the people need

Its important that we do this, and be the lead

So our country can thrive and succeed

It starts with freedom, in religion and speech

Like the first amendment, is there to teach

Not just being free, but also equal,

So the United States can be calm and peaceful

Everyone can choose what they want to do,

And achieve any dream they wish to pursue

But with this responsibility, you shouldn’t abuse,

Because then this opportunity will reduce.

Everyone in this country is equal and free

We should respect all, even if you disagree.

At the end of the day, it is the key

To living a good life in this country.




Gerstell Academy Leadership and Change Section 1

Senior level leadership class responses, section 1/3

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