American Creed

Being an American isn’t only about how you look and where you come from; it can also be about who you are on the inside and what makes you an American. Education is a big part of the American dream & allows people to succeed and improve beneficially.

By Callista Permana from UCLA CS in California

America is a place of freedom to be who you want to be. It is a country where anyone can be anything they want to be. The American dream is something not many can achieve. Some may not have the opportunity to get a better education or be able to improve beneficially. Education is one big part of the American dream because it allows people to have the chance to change their family and succeed. I believe that everyone is able to get an education no matter who you are. Being an American isn’t only about how you look and where you come from; it can also be about who you are on the inside and what makes you an American.

Condoleezza Rice grew up in the Jim Crow South. She comes from a family that was enslaved, then became sharecroppers. Her grandfather used money from sharecropping to get a college education. After his generation, the Rice's become a college educated family. Deirdre Prevett also shared related perspectives and values. They both talked about the importance of their education and how much they valued it. Education also is what makes their identities. It gave them the opportunity to change their family and succeed. Condoleezza Rice discusses how her grandfather would save his cotton to go to college and graduate. He succeeded but would eventually run out of cotton and lose the opportunity to learn. Dierde Prevett believes that having the opportunity to teach children would lead them to improve beneficially.

Doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, education is an important American dream. Both Condoleezza Rice and Dierde Prevett valued education. They believe that children of all races would be able to create new opportunities and be able to self improve. Condoleezza Rice came from a family that was enslaved, and then became sharecroppers but was still able to get a better education and self improvement. Education is what helps us create a better future for ourselves.

These perspectives are significant because education is an important part of an American dream. Education allows you the opportunity to succeed and identify who you are. Others should learn about both Condoleezza Rice and Dierde Prevett's perspectives on the positive values education has. Education is a great opportunity. They emphasize the importance of education because it allows us to improve and identify who we are as a person. Without education you would be seen as more lower than others. It isn’t only about what and how society sees you as but, it can affect your future. Such as opportunities like high paying jobs and being able to identify yourself.



10th Grade American Creed Argument

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