Education is a part of the American Creed because it helps us understand who we are and also learn about our history to become someone in the future such as Condoleezza Rice and Dierdre Prevett

To start off with some historical events. such as president Obama’s presidency and even the elected vice president Kamala Harris being the elected vice president areis an examples to talk about the American Dream. I believe that the American dream is a place where you have freedom; and this will be a country where you can become anything, and be anyone in the world.

Other people tend to talk about the reality of America is that this will be a country that this has been a country providing more opportunity for people of European ancestry as a result of laws and systems that discriminate against people of color, but in this country a famous African-American woman named Condaleeza Rice, who served as the 66th United States Secretary of State from 2005 to 2009 and as the 20th United States National Security Advisor from 2001 to 2005 for president George W. Bush,. She was raised by the descendents of enslaved African-Americans and her great grandfather was using used his earnings to go to college. and This would changed Rice’s life because it helped her succeed in life. Another example person that is related to Rice is Dierdre Prevett who is a 5th generation educator and is a Native American serving as a principal for an elementary school in Oklahoma. Education And it changed her life because she wants to help children with their education. After watching a video of Condoleezza Rice and another from Dierdre Prevett I notice that both women have a lot to say about education and how it could help children to get a better future to and learn a lot of their families’ history. These are two examples of women that have been able to live in America despite their realities of discrimination and disadvantages because of the expectation and pledge of education.

Education is an important part of success in the American dream because it can help you and others get control of obstacles that exist for people of color, or even women, and even different groups of people. I think that Rice and Prevett share an important perspective about education because they want others to learn from it and they want children to value education and to see the real opportunity that it provides for them. Both perspectives are related because they came from rom families that survived the injustice ofwere unjust by the history of white supremacy in America, and they were able to change family legacies of racism, poverty, and discrimination to create new opportunities for future and present generations and for the present. Rice and Prevett both valued education as an opportunity for success to be part of the reality of the American dream. We should value education for children as an opportunity to know about our history, to be confident, and create our own realities.

Some people might say that the success that comes from education is about making more money, but that is not true because education is about learning the opportunity to know who you are and it is also to learn about learning your history and your purpose to be part of American democracy. I think that education in America is significant because it gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It is important for voters to be educated critical thinkers so that they are not easily manipulated by the mass media (ex: news, social media, radio, etc). Many colleges and universities tend to promise higher earnings for educators, which is why many think that the value of an American education is money. I think that education doesn´t need to be paid because the real value of an education is the ability to critically think for yourself and to express yourself.

While reading an article and watching a video titled :“What Does America Stand For? We Asked Teens” many of the teens shared somethings about the American values. Many teens said different stuff about education. An example is, a teen said that education is a success and getting opportunities for a better future, another teen said education is to choose your own destiny. Some teens tend to criticize the American culture's obsession with making money, yet both value education.

In my opinion, education gives many people confidence to freely express critical thinking. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion comes from knowing yourself and having the courage to say what you think even if it is not popular. As the first president of the United States George Washington said, “Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom.”




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10th Grade American Creed Argument

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