My American creed is that in order to reach the American dream is for me to have a good education.

My American creed is that in order to reach the American dream is for me to have a good education. After watching the American Creed film, 1 key point is that “Education is key to success better yourself”. It means that we need a good education so we can understand and teach it to others who are also struggling.

After watching the American Creed film, some perspectives that I saw that were similar to mine was a speaker named Condolezza Rice. She shared her perspective saying that the American dream should be “America is yours. You can succeed here”, or “Education is an opportunity”, and “You can be and do anything you want but you can’t leave others behind”. But after, she shared what’s the reality in America by saying how the education is an armor against prejudice and barnes to opportunity and access to education comes at a price. As a young student, I agree w/ the statement she said on how America is in reality, and the only way you can be successful in America is by having a good education…

I I am a daughter of immigrant parents and I always lived in a household where I have hard working parents because they didn’t have a good education as the one I have right now. Both of them work everyday while my brother and I stay home and get our classes online. Sometimes I just feel sad that they don’t spend time w/ my brother and I. But on the bright side I know they are working hard for what we want.. Some struggles both my parents have when they're looking for jobs is that the people hiring, they ask them if they speak english and so my mom says no since she dropped out of school when she was 7 years old because her parents forced her to get a job. I mean years later she went to school for english learners but she did not really learned a lot. In my dad’s case he went to school until high school, but he also dropped out because he came over to the United States “for a better life”. He also went to a school for english learners, he did learned a bit more so he speaks it and understands more..

After doing some research in an article called “Reviving The American Dream Starts At birth”- by Joe Waters It says “Poor kids fare worse later in life than well-off kids. Less than half of kids from the lowest-earning families attend college — while nearly 100% of rich kids do. Just 60% of 30-year-olds from low-income families have jobs, compared to 85% of their peers from high-earning families.” This relates to my claim because its saying how low income families struggle to pay for child income, which distracts them from working and they earn less than others.

In conclusion, After reading everyone’s opinions and perspectives, I believe that “Education is key to success better yourself” because not everyone gets a chance to get a better education like they want..




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10th Grade American Creed Argument

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