My American Creed

My American Creed

The dream of America is that it is a place of freedom to be who you want to be; it is a country for anyone to become anything she/he wants to be. It is a country where you can fulfill your dream. Education is an important part of the American dream. Education is equal to financial success and opportunity, but for others education is about the freedom to choose one's own destiny. Other people think that the success that comes from education is about making more money, but the truth is that education is about the opportunity to know who you are and why.

A=always stand for the National Anthem

M=make people's dreams become reality.

E=every person is free to make their own choice.

R=rights of each citizen are valued.

I=individual ideas are encouraged.

C=choose who you want to be.

A=anyone can pursue their dreams.

N=no person is unimportant.

F=Free to decide who you want to become.

R=rights to religious freedom.

E=everyone has a purpose in the world.

E=equal rights for everyone.

D=determination to succeed.

O=opportunities are available to everyone.

M=make your own decisions.

Everyone should have the right and opportunities to pursue their dreams. No person ever feels unimportant in this world. We should all feel like our chance is waiting for us to succeed and achieve our own dreams.




UCLA CS English

10th Grade American Creed Argument

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