It is about what my American creed is as an American.

American. Whenever someone hears that word they would most likely think about only one type of person. When I hear the word American I don’t think of just one kind of person, I think about all of the different kinds of people who live here. I think of the people who left everything they had in their home country and made the decision to cross the border in order to give their families better lives so that they don’t have to worry about what they had to worry about in their home country. I think of people who have multiple jobs so they can pay their bills on time. I think of the people who are struggling because they can find a part time job that pays them enough to live off of. I think of the single parents who are struggling to make enough money to feed their children. And I also think about the people who are struggling because of a sickness that they might have or one of their family members have. Maybe it’s not a sickness , maybe it’s anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, thoughts of harming themselves, low self esteem, bullying, trauma, eating disorders, or abusive relationships.

My American creed is for people to not have to worry about not earning enough money to pay their bills, food, their families expenses, or medical bill’s just because the job that they are working part time at is only paying them minimum wage. Minimum wage is nowhere near being enough money to sustain one person alone even more so an entire family who depends on only one person to make money for the entire family. I want people to be able to live off minimum wage and only be working part time because I know that some people are going to school and working at the same time. Working and going to school can get really tiring for a person who has to make time for class, work, homework, meals, sleep, and try to make some time to go out and enjoy life that is nearly impossible to not get overworked and still have to be worried about paying bills and everyday essentials because their job only pay’s them minimum wage. It can really break a person to have all of that responsibility and pressure on their shoulders that is why I why this is part of my American creed.

My American creed is also for anyone to be able to freely express themselves, not get judged, get a good education, and people should be able to have the freedom that they deserve. The quote “America is a place of freedom to be who you want to be” is one of the lines that stood out to me because it describes America as this great and wonderful place. America Is a place where people can decide what they want to be or do and not be judged because of their career/job, clothing, race, sexual orientation, or gender. But in reality it is still hard for a lot of people to show others who they really are as a person. It is hard because they are afraid that people won't like them, not be accepted, get bullied, get made fun of, and get judged by everyone because of who they are. People also have to deal with some of their rights being taken away from them because of some things like this and i think that people should not have their rights taken away from them just because of something that they choose to identify as or believe.

A quote that also stood out to me is “It's a country for anyone to become anything they want to be” which I think is not a lie but also not completely true either. I think it is partially true because I think that people do have more options and opportunities here than in other countries like the ones in South America, for example. I think that the quote is also not true at the same time because not everyone has the privilege of getting a good education because in order to get the best education people have to pay a lot of money to get into private schools where the education is better. So some students don’t end up getting the education that they need in order to become successful in the career path that they want to take. People might not have the privilege of getting a good education because they might not have enough money to pay for a better school. I want everyone to have access to a good education so that is why I included this in my American creed.

In conclusion, my American creed is for everyone to have all equal rights. I want everyone to have the same amount of respect for each other. I want America to actually be this place where people are free to express themselves. I also want America to be this place where no one is being discriminated against because of things like race or sexual orientation. Lastly, I want America to actually be that place where everyone has the freedom that they deserve.




UCLA CS English

10th Grade American Creed Argument

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