Since the 1800s, many Europeans and many other people immigrated to the U.S. They all came for the same the purpose to achieve the American Dream.

American Creed

Since the 1800s, many Europeans and many other people immigrated to the U.S. They all came for the same purpose to achieve the American dream. Coming to the U.S for jobs, education, and a place where they can be accepted all of the reason why they immigrated to the U.S is for them to better themselves and their family.

The Statue of liberty has been greeted by millions of immigrants for those seeking a better life in America, it’s been symbolised as freedom, opportunity, and hope.

In the documentary in American Creed, Joe Maddon explains how his grandparents came out of the old country to the U.S so their children could have a better future and for jobs since there was an economic boom in the U.S. Joe Maddon said that his dad didn’t want to make it hard for him, his dad told him that because he knew he worked hard and didn’t want that to happen to his son. Joe Maddon became a baseball club manager and he achieved the American dream. Another example is from Eric Lui, whose parents came to the U.S to avoid conflict in China. Liu’s parents wanted their child to be educated. He is now a co-founder of Citizen University. Both Eric Lui and Joe Maddon had family immigrate to the U.S and both are now successful people in America.

In an interview in American Creed “Community Conversation-American Dream” it explains the reasons what people think about or is the American Dream for them. Most of the people being interviewed agree that the American Dream is having an education is either them having the education, their children being able to get education, or having the opportunity to go to college. Geeta Prassad (getting interview) said the most important thing for them is for their children to get educated. Geetta Praassad said you can improve your life by going to college so you can have a better job. She says that her husband's parents agree as well as other people in India, by having an education you can improve your life. Rita Neja, Olga Lantingua and Getta Prassad thought that education was one of the most important parts about the American Dream.

“It was very scary for my mom to take that decision for us, she is one of my heroes to this day. I can’t imagine what she went through'' this quote is from Juan Carlos from the article Stories From American Immigrants: “Protect America While Becoming American.” This quote means that parents, grandparents will take risk for their children and their family so they can have better opportunities in the future. I can relate to this quote because my parents immigrated to the U.S for opportunities. Juan Carlos lived in a poor area in Mexico just like Juan Carlos my parents also didn’t have many opportunities in Mexico. Just like Juan Carlos mom my parents took a big step for the next generation. When Juan Carlo arrived in Mexico he finished high school and is preparing to go to college. When my parents arrived in the U.S they got jobs and a place to live and I now have the opportunity to have an education and become successful in the future.

The American dream is an opportunity to better themselves. Where they can fulfill their dreams into reality. Opportunity for the next generation to become successful. That’s why I believe other people should learn their stories so they can value their stories.




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