My Op-Ed is about being different to others and trying to be the person you are and not being afraid of showing it. I want to believe that people can believe that they can make a difference instead of following other people's advice.

To be American is to be Unique and Different, the problem is that many people judge and they can’t feel like themselves but that shouldn’t stop that person from believing in themselves because they decide who they can be. “ How are you amazing? There's no one way, I just am myself and that’s the most American part about me, is being myself day in and day out” this opinion says that there is no one like me and that nothing will change about me. Each person has a different opinion about how to express themselves and their personalities but they still don’t want people to judge each other, “Raising Kids who only focus on themselves than others” some people may think they are the same as everyone else at the same time,but some should help out others instead of focusing on themselves only, this can also bring goodness to those who have a hard time understanding each other. Every kid learns new things from their parents and that can be either good or bad, each person that comes into their lives can be a role model or can be a disappointment to others because of the bad things kids learn. The whole point is that kids from adults should learn not to judge but to embrace themselves instead because they are who they are and nobody should change because of judgment. I believe that every person should find their true self and not hide because some people are willing to make their mark on American soil, also people shouldn’t be afraid to show their personality because that is the person who they created in themselves. When I was younger I was told that I wasn’t Mexican because of my skin tone and that was a lie because right away I knew that person was judging instead of actually knowing my true self, that’s when I realized that I was unique and different because I am a person that can be what another person imagines when in reality I am myself.




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 3rd hour

Mrs. McDowell's 3rd hour

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