My project is about what my american creed and how it affects my community. Also about how many people can't afford going to college. I also found a lot of fact that and I tied it up with my community and family friends.

My American Creed is having the freedom to go to school so you could one day find a job that will make you happy. I have found that many people in my community would love to go to college but sadly can't afford going to the college they would like. Many students are force to go to a college that is affordable and may not be of their liking. This studies “reveals just how unaffordable college is for low-income, working-class, and middle-class Americans”, meaning they end up not going to college or going to college and having to get so many student loans that they will have to pay back. Low-class and middle-class struggle to be able to go to a college of their liking. Some people even try to save up so they could be able to go and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. “Overall, most colleges were unaffordable for eight of the 10 theoretical students, and ‘most dramatically unaffordable’ for the lowest-income students.” there are a lot of college that are unaffordable for the low and middle class students. I have seen through my community and family friends that this is in fact true. I would have to to say that I wasn't true because it's really sad that many students struggle to be able to go to college. In fact that's why so many people don't go to college because its not affordable and or don't go because they don't like the school they could afford. In conclusion I think that we all have the freedom to go to a college of our choosing. Not being able to afford a school should not prevent you from going to a school of your choosing and you should be able to go to whatever school you want. College equals success and we should all go to school to be successful.




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 3rd hour

Mrs. McDowell's 3rd hour

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