What does the American creed mean? Perhaps freedom and more opportunities to accomplish your dreams.

What the American creed means to me is having many opportunities and taking them to accomplish your dreams. For example I have family experience: my sister is currently in college trying to finish and in order for her to have what she always wanted, she needs to work hard in school and graduate so she can have a well paying job. I have another sister that is currently in college trying to graduate college so she can find a well paying job. If she never tried to get into college she would never get to do or be what she wants to be but currently she's on her way to get to freedom and do what she wants. Only 1 in 5 say the American dream is out of reach, most feel it is possible. In a chart it says the US only has 43% of ages 25-34 with a Bachelor's or higher. For my personal experience, I need to work hard in school in order to get a scholarship so I can go to college then graduate from college so I can have a well paying job and do what I always wanted to do: be financially successful. That's the American creed. Having many opportunities is a good thing because if you didn't get many opportunities you would never do what you always wanted to do especially finding what you are passionate about and finding out how to get paid for it. Now that's an amazing thing.  




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 3rd hour

Mrs. McDowell's 3rd hour

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