Living in America, gives everyone the privilege to earn an education. Taking your education seriously, can lead you to prosperity and achieving your American dreams.

“We all know that education, more than anything else, improves our chances of building better lives.” And educating yourself helps you understand many aspects going on in your life. My American Creed is believing that education is a key to success. It can lead you to many places, and many have the privilege to have an education.

Being Hispanic, my family has taken our education very seriously. They never got the chance to finish their education because they were taught in a different country. However, living here I have that privilege to succeed in my education. America has been one of few countries where the education has led to success. And there’s many schools in America where they take each students’ education seriously. Living in this generation, there are more opportunities to earn an education if you take it seriously. It’s very exclusive, and many have learned not to put their education on hold.

A former student who used to live in Hong Kong shared something very interesting and appropriate for this topic. “The American system is much more open. In Hong Kong you just learn what the teacher writes on the board. In America, you discuss the issues and focus more on ideas.” This is also another reason why many people come from different countries to earn an education in America. By having an education, there are many things in life that you can succeed in and take from.

Going back to my American Creed, I find it very exclusive in all diversites. You learn more everyday, especially in school. They teach you about things that maybe going on in the world or even things that you might need later when you “enter the real world.” Living in America, a lot of citizens have that liberty to do so. I wouldn’t want to throw my education if I didn’t want to be successful later on in life.

In the American Creed Documentary, a fellow said “In black families, education became the holy grail.” This might be because black families didn’t have an opportunity to succeed in their education either. And we hear this from older parents because they want their children to succeed in their own education. Pursuing their dreams here in America because isn’t it here where you can make your dreams come true?

America gives many Americans the freedom to earn an education, and it is my American Creed that education is a key to success. Educating your mind helps your future leading into prosperity and triumph. Living in America, gives everyone the privilege to have an education and having a better life if that is the reason why you want to succeed in your education. In my generation today, I find it extremely crucial to take my education seriously so I can live the American Dream in a way in which I’ve earn it myself.




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 3rd hour

Mrs. McDowell's 3rd hour

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