In America, hearing the phrase “I can accomplish my dreams and whatever goal I set” sparks a lot of commotion. It is a touchy subject that not everyone agrees with. I chose to interview my mother regarding this topic, an educated, successful, Mexican American immigrant.

Me: How do you feel when you hear the statement “In America I can accomplish my dreams and whatever goal I set”?

Mom: I believe that it's true, because the United States offers you a lot of opportunities that Latin or third world countries do not. Starting off with education. Although the education in America may not be ranked as the best it offers opportunities that people in third world countries do not have. The teachers here help the students, when they see that the students don’t have the resources the offer everything. The United States gives school supplies. They give everything so that they can continue education and ensure success in the students. Which is obviously not present in other places. The United States gives you opportunities for jobs, when your ready for it. So because of all this I believe your statement is true.

Me: Okay, well do you believe that if you were born into a richer and more wealthy family you would have had better options in life?

Mom: No. No because there has been situations where people who were born into a rich family lost everything because of reasons that were out of their control, they were never able to recover. Then there is families that were born into a family that had a low economic status and they have reached high empires. So being born into a family with money doesn't guarantee success. What guarantees success is the decisions you make in life and what you want to work. The decisions you choose to make in life doesn’t rely on your money.

Me: Ok, with that being said, do you think that as an immigrant you’ve had less opportunities and options in your life?

Mom: Yes. Being an immigrant limits you in many ways. Especially when politics start to get involved. It limits your access to certain services. An immigrant faces many challenges. Such as learning a new culture, and adapting to it. If you find yourself in a certain political level where the immigrant is attacked it complicates things even more. It can limit you and make you feel like a second class citizen. No matter where you are that will complicate things.

After hearing my mother's thoughts on this topic and the research I’ve obtained I believe that in America you truly can accomplish whatever goal you set. No matter where you come from or what background you have. If you work hard enough and are truly dedicated to something you will be able to accomplish anything in America. Not everything will be handed to you, but America has lots and lots of opportunities to find success. The resources and chances that are given to someone in America are far better than most other places in the world. For these reasons I believe that you truly can accomplish any goal you set in America. 




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