My American Creed is how everyone should be given the opportunity to education regardless of their ethnicity

My American Creed is very different for those of my age and generation. Although it if very important to kids my age and younger and for the kids that will follow after my generation. My American Creed is that everyone should be given the opportunity to education regardless of their ethnicity, religion,race, gender, or political standing. Everyone should be treated the same in school and given the equal opportunity to learn the same things and being pushed as far as they can. One of the main reasons people come to America is for a better life due to the opportunities available to us. People send their children to american to receive a better life than they had, to get an education and have the opportunity to go to college and make good money and even make a difference in the world.

Growing up in America as a hispanic race wasn't always the easiest, you get judged and categorized in school as the kids that are into bad things and just go to school because they are forced to. Being hispanic in school you are immediately dropped down as if you don't know anything. “For Hispanics in the United States, the educational experience is one of accumulated disadvantages. Many Hispanic students begin formalized in schooling without the economic and social resources that many other students receive. For Hispanics, initial disadvantages often stem from parents' immigrant and socioeconomic status and their lack of knowledge about the U.S. education system.” We are being represented by the color of our skin and our background and not by what we can do or the good grades we put up. 




Avila's M4 Class

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