In this piece of writing I try and demonstrate how everyone can express their American creed through various actions.

“Every good citizen adds to the strength of a Nation.” This quote by Gordon B. Hinckley, a prominent American religious leader, means that in order to create a powerful United States, we must be a country of dutiful citizens. To do that we must express our American creed by doing our civic duty and being meaningful members of society.

We can be meaningful members of society by obeying the laws the United States of America has put in place. An article titled Importance of Obeying Laws and Commands claims, “Laws and commands are very important if a society is to achieve order, justice, and security.” This means that in order to create a society in which we feel safe, we must adhere to the laws it has put in place. Doing this will convey the respect you have for the United States of America and will allow you to express your creed for it.

Another way we can express our American creed is by doing our civic duty. Our civic duty is doing things similar to being a good neighbor, volunteering, donating to people in need, and most importantly, being an active member in your community. The article titled The Importance Of Community And How To Get Involved states, “Being active within our society helps individuals feel less lonely, have a more vital and interesting life, find mates, stay healthy and feel happier.” What this means is that in order to achieve greater happiness we must be active in our communities, and as you well know the American Dream is to attain our ultimate happiness. So, what better way to express your American creed than by accomplishing the American Dream.

In conclusion, you can express your American creed by doing things that will lead you to be a consequential member of society. This is important because as citizens of the greatest country on earth, the United States of America, we have an obligation to be the greatest group of people in the world and set an example for other non-free nations to follow in our footsteps. So, I ask you to go out and be that beacon for others to seek and achieve. 




ASU Preparatory Academy McDowell: 1st hour

Mrs. McDowell's 1st hour

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