This is a short story about Michael and some events that changed his future and forced him to change his decisions.

Damn, I should probably get some sleep. It’s three in the morning and I have Criminology tomorrow at seven. God Michael why don’t you pick up after yourself there's so much water bottles? Alright it’s time to go to sleep…. Oh my god it’s so hot. Bzzzzzz...Bzzzzzzz. Alright.. time to get dressed..where are any of my clothes? Note to self: Michael you need to wash your clothes and not throw them into corners. Okay I need to eat something or I won’t learn anything. I only have three eggs left..I wonder how much I have on my card. Cool I can actually eat something this week. Where did I get this cash it just appeared into my account….. time to check the bank description. It says it was added about three days ago... Thank you mom, love you. Alright add grocery shopping to my reminders. Alright where did I leave the pan….why is it on the floor? Okay let’s get to cooking so I can leave soon. Wait got to pick something to listen to before I start this hmmmmmm Post Malone alright.

I wonder how long you’re actually supposed to let the egg sit while you’re making them over hard, whenever I make mine they always end up dried up. Who the dares to interrupt this song….. What the hell does Samantha want? Last time my sister texted me was to ask for money supposedly to fix her car and she ended up buying some stupid overpriced jacket. What the hell? Why would she say this out of the blue? Why do they need me back home as soon as possible? What. Why won’t she just tell me on the phone what’s going on. No no, I can’t just leave I’m busy. Right now I’m finally working towards my future. If I fail now I would have wasted a year of my life and tons of their money. Ok I’m going to call……”Sam”....why is she crying...what could actually be wrong. “Just come home please.” Damn it what could have happened she doesn’t cry, I don’t think she has let me see her cry since we were kids.

She hung up. Alright. I have to go home, they need me. How much are flights from Los Angeles to Minnesota………………...the price doesn’t matter I need to go home. What could have happened, it doesn’t make sense did our grandma die? Oh my god what if someone got really sick, who would it be though. What if dad and mom start to argue again, the only reason they stayed together was so I can grow up and get out. Now they have no reason to stay.

Crap, I’m here. Duluth haven’t seen you in a while. Alright let’s see if uber is a thing here. I’ll just get a taxi there is usually some waiting here right. “Umm yeah can you take me to London Road/S 36th Avenue East.” Oh god is everyone ok what if it’s Samantha who isn’t ok. That idiot probably over worked. She really wanted to compete with dad and become more successful than all of us. A downfall like that would drive her crazy.

Well I’m here. Why is only Sam’s car her. God why don’t I have my keys, I guess I need to ring the doorbell.” Thank god you made it safely MIke we need to go.” “Umm ok where are we going”. How did she open the door so quickly was she sitting right next to the door. “Where exactly are we going…...SAM.” ”Oh umm Mike were going to St. Luke’s.” God someone is hurt there is no other reason to go to the hospital. Why is it so quiet….she doesn’t even want to boast. We are here. God damn it last time I was here was to watch grandpa die, why did they force us to watch him and grandma that time was for them and we were all just there making their last time together worse.

“Mom, what happened” “ Where’s dad shouldn’t he be with you”. “Sam did you just tell him, I’ve been in here for about a week and a half now”. “If he could have finished this semester without knowing I would have done it but I’ve been away from work for four days now I need to go back and there is no one else who can come, so I told him when he needed to know.” What the hell Sam why would you tell me so late? “Michael we got into a car accident, and well”. Oh god no mom please stop crying, please stop I don’t want to know.Your dad passed away Mike”. What the hell, why, why did this happen to us, why now. What the hell is going to happen. Her legs they are far beyond ever able to be used again it seems. “Michael……. sweetie can I ask something of you, please stay in Duluth with me, I don’t want to be at that house alone.” What the hell. What am I supposed to do I can’t say no. But my future….. everything I want. But my mother needs me, Sam already got started so she needs to continue her life. Mine is at the beginning, I’m going to have to stay. “Of course mom”.         




Desert View High School Ms. Gale's Creative Writing Class

A collection of creative responses to the American Creed project.

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