We might not agree on everything, even if it's with our own family. However, we can and should understand what people of other views than us think. But, a lot of the times we don't. We need to fix that.

In “American Creed,” Joan Blades and Mark Meckler began to better understand each other and what they think about politics. Well, one of my friends is full blood Republican and doesn’t agree with what a lot of Democratic people or parties think or say. I guarantee if he got together with a Democratic person he would understand their point of views, other than his own. Some people believe in gun control, and some don’t.

People always see different views than other people. Even their own family members. We all have different views, whether it’s on sports or even on war. I think people of different parties who have different views, should get together and talk about their beliefs or views on things like politics. If they did this, these people might see why they are Democratic, Republican, or an Independent. Maybe the people would find out what divides them and why they are Republican or a Democrat. I mean we are all human, I might like college football and you like soccer. It’s the same with other people.

My aspiration for the future is for us to all see why people have different views and see why they are different. Also, we shouldn’t judge people because they believe in something different than us.




Hazen Middle School Hazen Middle School

Seventh Grade English

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