I wrote about how coal gives the energy to the power plants that gives us our electricity.

People are saying that if the power plants shut sown we are losing a lot of electricity. They are also saying most people work at the power plants, and if they shut down, there are a lot of people losing their jobs.

The power plants are connected to America because that’s where the most electricity comes from. It also gives people jobs to work at.

The power plants are beneficial for America because they are everywhere, and they give us electricity. They also give people jobs and money.

Power plants to me mean that people are making electricity for us to use, and people are making money. It also means that people are getting jobs they like.

My solution to the problem is to keep them running and not shut them down. My other solution is saying if that the power plants shut down that’s taking a big chunk of our electricity that we aren’t getting anymore. It’s also leaving a lot of people without electricity.  




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