My thought about what America is becoming.

I believe that America is starting to crumble. There have been shootings, protests, kneeling during the national anthem and even threats toward our president. This needs to end soon or things might get more out of hand then they already are.

There are multiple ways that we can rebuild our country into the strong nation that we once were. One way is to accept others for who they are and not judge others based on their race, gender, religion or language. Another way is to respect our president and the government. If we want to stand up for our rights then we should be able to stand for the national anthem.

If we don’t do these things, our great nation will fall, and we will be divided. Our country will be in great turmoil, so we must stand together and become a united, strong nation. 




Hazen Middle School Hazen Middle School

Seventh Grade English

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