This is what I believe and who I am.

The American Creed to me is the idea of living out the American Dream. I believe that freedom, family history, and expression play large roles in achieving this dream and these values what my creed is made from.

Beginning with freedom, I believe that a large part of being an American is valuing freedom. When we broke away from Great Britain, we built this country on freedom and decided that a Republic was needed. When I turn 18 next June, I will use this freedom that our founders worked so hard to achieve, to vote. Freedom is seen throughout my everyday life as I am able to make decisions on my own and be who I am is an American without being highly restrict. This republic shows that the people have the freedom to elect leaders and create a country made by the people, for the people.

Next, I believe that my family history is what makes me, me and allows me to live my own American Dream. When my grandma immigrated from Italy, she worked hard to become a mayor and make a name for herself in this new country. I aspire to be like her and push myself to value hard work and have a good work ethic. I would not be the same person I am today if my ancestors hadn’t worked this hard and shown me that anything in this country is possible with determination. My grandpa is also a veteran and he has taught me that serving this country is the greatest gift he has given. He inspires me to help my community by volunteering and join clubs to give to others. My family has helped me know what it is to be an American and they help me demonstrate ways to better the world around me.

Finally, I believe that expression is a gateway for me to show who I am and what I believe. The first amendment allows me to express the freedom of religion, press, assembly, petition, and speech. I express myself through my actions and speak up for what I believe in and petition for change. I am grateful for expression and it has allowed me to grow as a person and as a citizen. I proudly hang an American flag in my house to express my patriotism and show how prideful I am to live in this country. Expression is something strongly protected by the government for a reason; without it I would never be able to challenge the things I believe are wrong or be allowed to voice my opinion on things needing change.

Using expression to voice my opinion while proudly reflecting on my family history and using values of freedom have allowed me to live the American Dream and prosper as a citizen.




Bay High School 2nd Block

2nd Block AP Gov

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