This is my version of what the American Dream means to me

Caleb Campbell

Brittany Wampler

English 12, 2nd Semester

April 19, 2018

Are we living the American Dream?

Many people say that we are living the American Dream. Some own fine houses, live on acres of land. Some might even drive a luxurious car, but is this the true meaning of the American Dream? To me, the American Dream means that we are living our daily lives with little interference from the government that protects us. Is this true? Not really. The government is always finding a way to access our private information. They also tell us what we can and can’t do in order to be happy.

First, we should be able to pursue our own happiness regardless of how crazy it may be. If money makes me happy, then I should be able to work hard at becoming a millionaire. If clothes make me happy, I should be able to own the biggest closet in the country. Our government and hierarchies are telling us that we can pursue our happiness when in reality we have to pay a price. Tariffs and other forms of taxes take our money away from us.

Greediness has taken over people’s minds and turned them into animals. The love of money has made people turn on their own family and friends. Is this what comes along with the American Dream as well? Should we allow for the greed of our hearts to get the best of us? No! we should take hold of the American Dream and not abuse its privileges.




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